05 Dec 2023

Reaching millions of your customers

Red Tractor animation still

Red Tractor’s award-winning 2023 campaign has reached eight out of ten main shoppers.

Launched in March 2023 across live TV channels, catch-up TV, YouTube, social media and online, our ‘Tractor Facts’ campaign aims to bring our ‘Farmed with Care’ message to life and explain more clearly how Red Tractor produce is farmed with care, from farms to pack.

This year’s campaign has been our largest yet, reaching eight out of ten UK main shoppers and over 40 million people in total1. The 2023 campaign has succeeded in growing by 1.2million the number of UK main shoppers who state that they see the Red Tractor logo as an independent marque that they can trust2.

And we were delighted to win the Best Marketing Campaign award at the 2023 Fresh Produce Awards.

But why does this campaign matter? It is crucially important that we communicate the value of the Red Tractor logo to consumers, because our consumer research consistently demonstrates a clear and positive relationship between UK consumers’ understanding of Red Tractor and the likelihood of them buying Red Tractor Assured products3.

Our latest consumer research shows that Red Tractor adds more to product quality perceptions than Britishness alone4. And when given a small amount of information about Red Tractor (as we have done in our 2023 campaign), consumers’ quality perceptions of Red Tractor logo products increase significantly4.

The breadth and depth of what we cover, combined with the fact that we provide assurance at every key stage of the production process, gives consumers confidence that Red Tractor logo products are traceable, safe and farmed with care.


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