Our standards are the foundation of our logo and are considered world leading in both their breadth and their depth.

All Red Tractor cows have their own UK passport to ensure full supply chain traceability

There are more than 11,000 Red Tractor-assured British dairy farmers who account for 95% of all milk production

Over 90%

of poultry meat farms in the UK are Red Tractor assured

Every single Red Tractor bird can be traced back to the hatchery, egg, and parent stock they came from

Over the last decade, British farmers have significantly lowered antibiotic use and now have some of the lowest usage rates in the world

Almost Half

The carbon footprint of beef in the UK is almost half the global average

Every Red Tractor farm must have a Livestock Health Plan and complete an annual health and performance review performed by a vet

British farmers produce 3.5m tonnes of fruit and vegetables every year

3000 Farms

Not every UK farm meets our standards – in 2020, nearly 3000 farms were suspended from our scheme for not meeting our requirements

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