07 Dec 2023

What is a Traceability Challenge?

A TC, which includes a site tour, assesses the systems in place to ensure that the product/s being sold with a Red Tractor claim are eligible to carry the claim, that paperwork accurately identifies Red Tractor product and verifies through a physical trace that it can be traced back through the Red Tractor Assured supply chain to the farm/farms of origin.

It is not a full system audit as this would duplicate the work undertaken as part of the third-party certification audits, such as BRCGS. It is an assessment of a Licensee’s traceability system which includes back to farms traces, a forward trace and a mass balance.

Traceability challenges are not assessments against a defined set of standards, however, non-conformances can be raised against a list of areas.

The non-conformance checklist used during traceability challenges can be found using the following link: