07 Dec 2023

How do I complete the application?

The application is divided into three sections:

  • Technical Approval
  • Sales Value and Licence Fee
  • Licence Agreement

Section 1 – Technical Approval

Your technical information must be submitted and approved by Red Tractor before you can proceed to the next section.
You will be asked to enter details of your technical operations, suppliers (depending on your type of business), products and customers. Processors and Packers will also need to demonstrate that their site is eligible (see Eligibility section below) by demonstrating they have the appropriate third-party certification.

If you have any of the following:

– BRCGS Food Safety valid certificate

– Red Tractor Meat & Poultry Processing valid certificate

– Red Tractor Fresh Produce Farm valid certificate (where you are a fresh produce processor/packer and are only packing your own Red Tractor Assured Produce)

your certificate will be matched to your application automatically.

Section 2 – Sales Value and Licence Fee

The fee is based on your aggregated invoiced sales value of Red Tractor claimed products sold, whether or not the products carry the Red Tractor Logo(s). The sales period is April 1st to March 31st.

For existing Licensees, the actual declared sales value from the previous year is used to calculate the annual fee.

For example, declared invoice sales value for 23/24 will be used to calculate the 25/26 Licence fee.

The sales period is April 1st to March 31st, as is the licence period

New applicants should enter a forecast of sales for the next twelve months.

Section 3 – Licence Agreement 

As a Licensee you must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Licence. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions must have been approved by someone who has authority e.g. a director, partner or other duly authorised person and the name and position of the authorised person must be entered on the licensing portal.  The Agreement can be read at any time by logging in to your Licence account.