07 Dec 2023

Do I need a Licence if I am a Food for Life (FFL) member?

If you want to make a claim that you source and supply Red Tractor Assured products, whether or not you apply the Red Tractor Logo(s), including on your product, paperwork (invoices/delivery notes etc.), marketing materials, menus and websites, you will need a Red Tractor Licence.

If you’re an organisation that supplies public bodies such as Schools, Universities and Local Authorities, Red Tractor can enable you to meet the sourcing criteria and provide your customers with the confidence that the whole supply chain is working to our standards.

Having a Red Tractor Licence ensures you meet the Food for Life Bronze standard B1.2 by providing assurance that UK farms are independently inspected to high standards (which exceed minimum UK welfare standards), and exceed the Food for Life standard through requiring whole chain assurance at each key point in the supply chains from farms through to pack.