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red tractor logo on lettuce
red tractor logo on lettuce

Which Red Tractor
logo should I use?

There are three different logos that indicate to consumers when products are Red Tractor certified as outlined below. The application of these different logos is subject to the ingredient composition and type of product you are making a claim about.

We have strict rules around the use of the logo and claims related to Red Tractor and we require all our licensees to proof any artwork with us ahead of any production including packaging, menus, price lists and any marketing materials. This enables us to ensure the logo is being correctly applied so that incorrect information is not being given to your end consumers.

A full copy of our current logo guidelines and artwork approval process can be found in our licensee portal here.

The Core ‘Certified Standards’  logo

Red Tractor Logo on strawberries

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The Core ‘Named Ingredient’ Logo

Red Tractor logo on ready meal

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Red Tractor Logo on strawberries

The Core ‘Certified Standards’ logo is for products where the Red Tractor certified ingredient makes up at least 95% of the finished product (we allow a 5% tolerance for seasoning).

It is used on single ingredient food such as meat, fresh produce and milk and can also be used for composite products such as a bag of mixed salad leaves.

Red Tractor logo on ready meal

For products where the certified ingredient makes up 94% or less of the finished product.

The Named Ingredient’ logo is for products where the Red Tractor certified ingredient(s) makes up less than 95% of the finished product. For example, the ‘chicken’ in a chicken kiev or items in multi-ingredient products such as ready meals, sandwiches, hot and cold pies. Other licensing criteria apply , however a summary of key criteria for using this logo are:

• The characterising ingredient(s) must be named, this can include two Red Tractor certified ingredients such as chicken and mushroom

• 100% of the characterising ingredient(s) must be certified to Red Tractor standards

• Additional ingredients must meet the eligibility criteria, for example stocks, gelatine and eggs

• In products containing two proteins, such as steak and kidney or chicken and ham, both proteins must be certified to Red Tractor standards

• On multi-ingredient products, the claim must relate to the characterising ingredient and this will normally be the protein, for example the beef in a lasagne. We do not allow secondary ingredients to be highlighted if the characterising ingredients are not Red Tractor certified

• On multi-ingredient products, main ingredients other than the characterising ingredient, such as the potato in a shepherd’s pie, will ideally be Red Tractor certified wherever possible

For more information, please contact our licensing team.