We have a huge range of Licensees, from major supermarkets to smaller speciality brands, all of whom trust the Red Tractor logo to communicate to consumers the care and attention that has gone into their products.

Here’s what some of them have to say about their Red Tractor licence and how it benefits their business.

Silver Spoon

From your cuppa to that home-baked cake, Silver Spoon can make life a little sweeter. What’s more, their granulated, caster and icing sugars are grown here in the UK, and their sugar beet travels an average of just 28 miles from farm to local factory.

“We are proud to be the first sugar brand to carry the Red Tractor logo and it’s our guarantee to our customers that we’re committed to providing them with high quality products.”


From custard to rice pudding, Ambrosia products have been lovingly made in the village of Lifton, Devon since 1917. The original but thoroughly modernised factory still operates today from the same site.

“By putting the Red Tractor logo on our products, we can give confidence to our consumers that the ten lorry loads of milk we use each day to make our Ambrosia products can be traced back to the farms who produce them. It also shows that these farms follow strict high standards for food safety, hygiene, animal welfare and environmental protection.”


Burts were one of the first snack companies to bring us authentic ingredients through the artisan Burts Chips range. To make their deliciously thick, crunchy potato crisps, they only source the best British potatoes from Red Tractor farmers, and they have been proudly displaying the logo on their packs since 2017.

“As consumers look for responsibly farmed and sourced products with artisan appeal, the use of high-quality British ingredients is increasingly important, as is the process of preparation. With the increased focus on traceability and top class ingredients, our strong British and regional provenance is a key selling point for our chips and our Red Tractor Certification is integral to this”.

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