Whether you’re a wholesaler, processor, brand or caterer, if you are supplying products to meet a Red Tractor Certified specification, making a statement claiming Red Tractor Certification, or using the logo on pack, you will need to have a valid Red Tractor licence.

We only allow use of our logo on products that are Red Tractor Certified

Consumers trust us to assure products as traceable, safe and farmed with care. We operate to world leading standards and the logo is the marque that guarantees the entire supply chain of the product has been assured to our standards from farms to pack and is 100% British. 

This consumer trust is what sets Red Tractor apart and is the reason we do not allow any person, brand or business to use the logo or make claims about Red Tractor certification unless licenced by us to do so, as the integrity of our standards is of the utmost importance to us.  

Steak mince close up with red tractor logo
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What Types of Licence Are There?
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